GameChanger Transfer Programme Success

March 11, 2020
Stronger Communities

The GameChanger Transfer Programme, a pilot project developed by Leith Timebank and GameChanger has improved mental health, wellbeing and community capacity amongst its volunteers

The programme was established to maximise the skills and time that people offer by providing flexible volunteering opportunities for those that wanted to engage but were often limited in their availability due to work and other commitments.

For those that opted to be part of this exciting new venture, it meant that they were able to earn credits from time that they spent volunteering and exchange their time earned with other transfer volunteers for activities including learning a new language, gardening or even sewing.

Over the past 11 months GameChanger Transfer volunteers have become better connected and more actively engaged with their community, felt less isolated and formed new friendships. It has also helped to improve mental health and well-being, as well as self-confidence and self-esteem as people identify that they are having a positive impact on their community. You can read Sheila’s* story below:

After losing her husband and falling out of contact with her social group, Sheila became isolated. She wanted to join the transfer programme as her husband had been a keen Hibernian fan. Through volunteering she met an old work colleague and reconnected. As she became more involved in promoting the programme, as well as volunteering, she made a number of new friends and connections. The transfer programme has allowed Sheila to become more social,share her feelings and be actively engaged in her community.

The programme provides a fresh approach that brings volunteers together, increasing the supports and interactions between members,develops their relationships through time and resource sharing which ultimately builds community capacity.

So it is wonderful to hear that funding has been continued for a further 2 years from the Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership!

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