About Us

About us

GameChanger is an exciting and innovative Public Social Partnership led by Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership, Hibernian Community Foundation and Hibernian Football Club.

The aim is to unlock the power and passion associated with football and to make greater use of all Hibernian’s physical, cultural and professional assets to deliver a better, healthier future for the most vulnerable, disenfranchised or disadvantaged in our communities.

GameChanger will provide a welcoming and safe environment for people to engage in activities which support health and wellbeing and promote social inclusion and endeavours to open up access in the stadium to community groups and partners to use is part of our plan to build connectivity, social cohesion and address inequalities.

Our Story

The seed for the UK’s only Public Social Partnership involving a senior professional football club was planted during a meeting between Leeann Dempster, Chief Executive of Hibernian FC, and Dr Linda Irvine Fitzpatrick of the Edinburgh Health and Social Care Partnership in October 2014.

Within months of discussing how football might play a more vibrant role in tackling social inequality and improving health outcomes for the community, and following consultations with literally hundreds of local individuals, charities and other organisations, the germination of GameChanger was completed.

The Club and the social care partnership were the founding partners, but since then dozens of other organisations have signed up to the partnership, dedicated to harnessing the power of football by making positive and imaginative use of our collective physical and emotional assets.


All of our partners have signed up to our values.


Mutual respect and trust

Open and transparent communications

Co-operation and consultation

A commitment to being positive and constructive

A willingness to work with and learn from others

A commitment to addressing inequalities and social justice

Using the power of football to galvanise communities

A desire to make the best use of resources